Frederick L. Fields was born and raised in Marvell, Arkansas. He Served in the
Arkansas National Guards after graduating from high school. He later attended
University of Central Arkansas, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in
Education. After graduation, he began his teaching career in Little Rock School
In 1993, he received a Master of Science in Education from University of Central
Arkansas, and was hired as principal of an elementary school where he served
for thirteen years. He later served as a middle school principal for four years,
before being promoted to a central office position, Senior Director of Student
After assuming the central office role, he began pursuing a terminal degree at
Nova Southeastern University, and graduated with a Doctor of Education Degree
in 2010. He has added speaking, training and consulting to his professional
resume and works with schools at all levels.
When presenting, he delivers from the heart, combining humor with practical and
research based solutions. He is passionate about bridging gaps between
generations, and fostering effective conversations and relationships. He also
brings awareness and appropriate attention to behaviors that impede successful
communication, and relationships between educators, and parents of varying
backgrounds, in an effort to augment student achievement, and mitigate the
cradle to prison pipeline.