Training Others In Courageous Conversations

Training Others In Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations fostered by Frederick Fields Little Rock are the beginning spark that generates traction for interracial dialogue

Frederick Fields Little Rock creates an authentic and safe forum for Courageous Conversations regarding racial inequality and injustice. Through his extensive work he also trains others in how to create opportunities for these critical interracial conversations. The impact of these conversations is compounded by the fact that Frederick Fields Little Rock teaches others to create similar opportunities for growth and racial equality. Entire organizations and communities benefit from these conversations and from addressing racial inequalities and injustices.

Racial inequality affects an entire community, a factor witnessed firsthand by Frederick Fields Little Rock. The truth of the financial and social impacts may not be obvious to some people, while others live everyday in a system of racial oppression. Frederick Fields Little Rock brings together people of different races and backgrounds to have difficult conversations surrounding racial inequality. 

Courageous Conversations is a program designed to foster interracial conversations to promote racial equality. Frederick Fields Little Rock extensive experience with the Courageous Conversations program encourages him to share this knowledge with people in his community. A single conversation might not make a significant difference, but Frederick Fields Little Rock knows that a small change can ripple out to make a bigger impact.

The promise and hope for significant change in a racially divided country drives Frederick Fields Little Rock to continue his work in both creating opportunities for productive conversations about racial tensions.  He harnesses his natural teaching talents and trains others to do the same. The greatest impact for creating a better future with less racial inequality begins in schools. Frederick Fields Little Rock serves as the voice and advocate for children in his schools, meaning that conversations about race are a very important part of his position. 

Dr. Frederick Fields is the Special Assistant to the Superintendent and Senior Director of Student Services, a role he has filled for over 10 years. He acts in service of all children to be their voice and an advocate. He received a Bachelors and Masters of Science from the University of Central Arkansas and a Doctorate from Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University. He began his career in education as an elementary school teacher and continued with 18 years of service as a principal in both elementary and middle schools.