Frederick Fields Little Rock Provides Second Chances to Students

Frederick Fields Little Rock Provides Second Chances to Students

Student Advocacy Ensures Every Voice is Heard, According to Frederick Fields of Little Rock

Many will argue that you only get one chance. However, for students who come from diverse backgrounds, one chance is not enough. Students all across the country struggle with diversity and race. Through student advocacy, students are given a second chance. Frederick Fields of Little Rock has worked to provide housing and other solutions to those in need.

Frederick Fields Little Rock has spent his entire career in the education field. He holds a Masters of Science in Education from the University of Central Arkansas and a Doctorate from Fischler School of Education and Human Services from Nova Southeastern University. Frederick Fields of Little Rock has seen many of the issues plaguing students firsthand, working first as an elementary school teacher and then as a principal in both elementary and middle schools.

Students who don’t get a second chance are the ones who struggle. Frederick Fields Little Rock spent time as the Special Assistant to the Superintendent and Senior Director of Student Services. He recognized that there were issues that included homelessness, truancy, and even dropouts among too many of the students.

Frederick Fields of Little Rock recognized that too many students didn’t have a voice. Their parents were either working too much or not in the picture at all. It’s when he focused on becoming an advocate to ensure that all children had a voice.

Now, Frederick Fields Little Rock has been able to identify when children have needs. If he sees that a family is homeless or a student is at risk of dropping out, he can step in and offer assistance. He can flag that there is a problem to ensure that support is provided.

Teachers are often the first to notice a problem. It is up to them to learn more about a child and to ensure that they have the support they need. If a teacher stays silent, the problems for a student get worse. They skip school, they act out until they’re suspended, and they eventually drop out.

Arkansas has one of the top highest dropout rates in the nation, sitting at 6.7 percent, according to the Institute of Educational Sciences. Frederick Fields Little Rock explains that this identifies that there are too many students who are “falling through the cracks.” Many of these students are in minority communities. Although the rates have improved over the past decade, there is still significant room for improvement.

Frederick Fields Little Rock is in a position where he can work to make a difference. Although he is based in Little Rock, he works to advocate for students across the state. Within a book that is soon to be published, Dr. Fields will tackle some of the issues that are affecting today’s youth in order to have a more positive impact moving forward.