Frederick Fields Little Rock on How Millennials and Boomers Can Reconnect In Trying Times

Frederick Fields Little Rock on How Millennials and Boomers Can Reconnect In Trying Times

Little Rock, AR - ( NewMediaWire ) - October 06, 2020 - The generational divide between boomers and millennials was already one of the worst ever seen: Then 2020 came along. Frederick Fields Little Rock knows that the trials of this year, from lockdowns and social distancing measures to political protests, have made it even more difficult for older and younger adults to connect. Even those that use to have physical contact may not have seen each other for a long time – and communication is more tense than ever.

To help families and friends struggling with this divide, Frederick Fields Little Rock  offers several suggestions to help bring two frequently discordant generations together.

Understand Shared Tensions

One good note in this turbulent year is that common concerns can bring different generations together, even if they don’t otherwise have much in common. The boomer generation is worried about health risks related to COVID-19, concerned that younger generations don’t care as much about their safety, and under stress from increased isolation, even from their own families.

Millennials are scared that the economic fallout of 2020 will wreck their finances even more than before, make it impossible to find a job, or get them evicted from their homes.

Frederick Fields Little Rock  suggests using these fears as a starting point in conversations. It’s important for each side to fully listen and understand the anxiety that the other is experiencing.

Adopt Shared Means of Socializing

Frederick Fields Little Rock  believes boomers need to be willing to adopt the video chat and web conferencing technologies that millennials are using to stay in touch. This software is free, widely available, and allows for instant communication whenever necessary, making it very easy to connect.

Likewise,  Frederick Fields Little Rock  thinks millennials should start adopting safe communication measures that boomers may prefer, as an option to deal with 2020’s rampant isolation issues. When practicing safe social distancing, boomer-friendly socializing could include walks in the park, picnic lunches, outdoor farmer’s markets (where regulations allow), and outdoor café settings.

Understand Each Work Opportunities

Boomers and millennials can also come together over the gig economy, says Frederick Fields Little Rock. Remote work and gig work are available to both generations as ways to re-enter the workforce in new ways and find income solutions in their current situations. It also teaches each side to communicate effectively in an online environment with an eye on solving problems!

Frederick Fields Little Rock also notes that the pitfalls, problematic attitudes, and income issues involved in the gig economy can also give boomers and millennials something to connect on. This can help each side understand where the economic perspective of the other, as well.

Frederick Fields Little Rock Teaches Both Generations to Empower Personal Goals

One frequent complaint the two generations have about each other is that the other generation has been indoctrinated or somehow mislead by propaganda.  Frederick Fields Little Rock suggests  that instead of focusing on this aspect, boomers and millennials should switch the conversation to their personal goals – what, specifically, they want out of life and how to grow their own individual strengths and happiness. Traditionally, this is a highly effective way of working past political differences or clashing viewpoints.